A Tourist Information Guide on How to Explore Romantic Paris

Paris – The City Of Light and Romance. Paris is the world’s most elegant and romantic of cities, full of charm, culture and wonderful sightseeing. There’s no ‘best time’ to visit the city, visiting Paris in any one of the four seasons has its individual rewards, however, it’s often said that Spring and Autumn present Paris at it’s most picturesque.

Paris encourages exploration, by far the best way to discover Paris is on foot, it’s a sheer delight, you will discover hidden squares, secret passageways and fascinating views that excite and delight as you wander along the narrow, romantic and shadowed streets.

Places to visit in Paris:

Start your sightseeing with a visit to the first most powerful symbol of Paris, the 984- foot Eiffel Tower. Constructed in 1889 the tower dominates the skyline, to reach the observation areas climb (better still take the elevator) to the second floor (115 meters). To reach the observation deck at the top of the tower (276 meters), visitors must take a second elevator. Reaching the top of the tower feels like a great achievement, you’re also greeted with the best views of the city. Trivia: The tower is almost entirely constructed of pure iron, 2.5 million rivets were used during its construction, only one workman was killed during the building of the tower and that was during the installation of the lift system, 50 tons of paint are needed to paint the entire tower from top to bottom.

Now onto the second most powerful symbol of Paris, the Notre-Dame (Our Lady of Paris in French). This stunning Gothic masterpiece was built between 1163 and 1345. The Cathedral is massive and can seat around 6,000 people; it is dominated by three spectacular institut de beauté paris and enormous rose windows with a diameter of 13.1 meters, as well as a vast 7,800-pipe organ. Climb the 387-steps to the top (there is not an elevator) of the South Tower for more spectacular panoramic views of the city.

Out and about in Paris:

Visit ‘The Left Bank’ and on to St. Germain, the famous meeting place for many local artists, with many intimate cafes and fascinating antique shops dotted along the tiny cobbled streets and shadowed passageways. Take a long walk up the glittering Champs-Elysees, the most famous avenue in France, it extends from the Arc de Triomphe to the Place dela Concorde. This is the chic area of Paris, where fashion, wealth and the upper class meet, mix and live; here you will find famous department stores such as Galleries Lafayette and Printemps. The Montmartre stretches from the grand boulevards by the opera, through to the lively Pigalle and to Clignancourt flea market and the Sacre Coeur basilica. Take a slow ride down the Grands Boulevards with their wide tree-lined thoroughfares; look out for the famous and exciting theatre venues and world renowned restaurants.

Paris – places of interest: Plan a visit to the stunning Louvre (one of the world’s greatest and important art museums) it contains many masterpieces including the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. Tip: Entry to the museum is free on the first Sunday of every month. Visit the Pompidou Centre, the most visited museum in France, then onto the Musee d’Orsay for a spectacular and privileged view of the world’s largest collection of quality impressionist art. Take a visit to the Versailles with its hall of mirrors, magnificent gardens and glimpses into the Queen’s private apartments.

Travelling around Paris:

Paris has an excellent public transport system consisting of buses and an extensive underground metro system. The metro travel area is divided into five zones radiating out from the center, ticket prices vary depending on the number of zones travelled. Take advantage of the ‘The Paris Visitors Pass’ its valid for one, two, three or five days, the pass also allows discounts to certain tourist areas and places of interest, including various museums, galleries and restaurants. Taxis are readily available and can be hailed on the roadside or at taxi ranks

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