Audio Book Review Of Resurrection Men By Ian Rankin

Ian Rankin’s Resurrection Men, the 13th novel in the Inspector Rebus series was voted his best in a poll on the forum of his website. It’s an opinion that I agree wholeheartedly with.

The version reviewed by me is published by Brilliance and delivered on a single MP3 disc. The reader is Joe Dunlop.

Detective Inspector Rebus has been sent to a school for wayward policeman. The final straw was throwing Rankines a cup of coffee at Detective Superintendent Gill Templeman as frustration grows in a murder case. Rebus is joined by other Scottish police officers who are also there to undergo counseling and retraining. Some of the funnier moments are during the sessions with his female counselor.

The main task the “wayward” officers are given is to reopen a cold case in the hope that they will re-learn the value of teamwork in an investigation. It soon becomes apparent that some members of the team have secrets connected with the case that they are determined will remain secret.

Rebus’s nemesis “Big Ger” Cafferty is also causing trouble for Rebus as Rebus has to act as a go between.

Detective Sergeant Siobhan Clarke is investigating the murder of an Edinburgh art dealer. It soon becomes clear that her investigation is linked to the one DI rebus is involved in. They join forces & find themselves embroiled in much more than they bargained for

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