Bangkok Budget Hotels – Best Places to Stay For Shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city in Thailand most well known for it’s peaceful towering temples and serene royal palaces. But what most people don’t know is that Bangkok is also a shopper’s dream come true. Especially when you’re a budget traveler. There are plenty of outdoor markets that sell great quality clothes, affordable teak furniture to ship home and stuff that you never knew you would buy. Choosing a place to stay for exploring Bangkok’s best shopping destinations doesn’t require you to spend a lot and you’ll find some names of excellent budget hotels here.

Budget hotels in Bangkok are many and the qualities do vary. Normally you’d have to stay at the outskirts of a city elsewhere to find cheap accommodations. Not in Bangkok. If you’re planning to do a lot of shopping you should book a hotel inside the city’s center, ideally near a BTS train station. Thai taxis are plenty and cheap but traffic during most hours is horrible, so use them sparingly. BTS trains can take you to the majority of the best shopping malls in Bangkok quickly and efficiently. And of course it’s cheap too 레플리카.

One of the best affordable hotels in Bangkok is Samran Place Hotel. It’s located in the city’s center and the reason why it’s such a good hotel is because it’s strategically placed near the best shopping malls in Bangkok. To the south, just a 15 minute walk is where you’ll find MBK and Siam Square. You’ll find mostly local Thai people, not only tourist shopping there too so you know that’s where you’ll find a lot of bargains on clothing, handbags and shoes. Right across from Siam Square is the super luxury Siam Paragon Mall, where well to do Thais do their shopping and eat. Merchandise inside those high end stores’ price tags may not fit your budget but it’s still a great place for window shopping and wishful thinking.

Another great affordable hotel in Bangkok is called Citin Pratunam. It’s a nice place to stay because nearby are two huge wholesalers’ markets called Pratunam Market and Pratunam Center. You don’t have to buy in bulk to take advantage of the great prices on clothing and accessories such as sunglasses. You can still get a great deal if you for example buy one pair of jeans. However, you’ll find you get an even better price if you purchase at least 3. And there’s still room to haggle for a better price. If you find brand name labels here then there’s a 95.5% chance you’re looking at a fake, so buyer beware.

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