Beginner Jazz Piano Players

Beginner Jazz piano players should be aware of the hard work involve to be successful at playing jazz. Although playing jazz music and wanting to start your journey into the world of jazz music requires work, the rewards are great. For players, the art of playing jazz requires a lot of practice and being alone with the piano. Learning the art of jazz on the piano, only requires that you have a basic knowledge of the piano. You should have the basic concept of scales and its construction. The knowledge of chords and their formation and triads. If you do not know most of these things, don’t give up on learning how to play jazz. No one has mastered everything in jazz. It would take a lifetime to do this. You should take a few things that you interest in and incorporate it in your practice.

Beginner jazz piano players should start focusing on learning the 12 basic major and minor scales. Major scales play a big role in the jazz principles and techniques you will be practicing. Although memorizing the 12 different major scales is good, you should understand the theory on how major 鋼琴班 scales are created. When you begin to learn your scales, you should use what is call “The Circle of Fifths”.

This is the concept known a the Circle of Fifths

*C major = A minor

*G major (1 sharp) = E minor

*D major (2 sharps) = B minor

*A major (3 sharps) =F# minor

*E major (4 sharps) = C# minor

*B major (5 sharps) = G# minor

*F# major (6 sharps) = D# minor

*Db major (5 flats) = Bb minor

*Ab major (4 flats) = F minor

*Eb major (3 flats) = C minor

*Bb major (2 flats) =G minor

*F major (1 Flat) = D minor

All musicians should know how to play in all 12 keys. Knowing how to do this plus having a good idea of chords and how they are made, will make you very much in demand in the jazz arena.

Learning jazz piano is not as difficult as it seems or look, it just takes time and practice. All jazz musicians

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