Best Places to Paddle Board for Fitness

SUP or Stand Up Paddle Boarding is becoming one of the most popular Paddle Sports around and it is a fantastic way to get your exercise. The only equipment that you need is a board, a paddle and a personal flotation device to get out on the water and all of these can be found at your local Paddle Board Retailers. The main question that you will face is whether to go to the lake, river or ocean. Granted, a lot of that depends on which one is closest to you. If you are close to all three types then you will need to know what sets each body of water apart from a SUP standpoint.

Lakes are great for people who are new to Stand Up Paddle Boarding or just want to check out the wildlife. It is by far the Inflatable paddle board most laid back environment of the three. You can go to the shallow spots near the shore or dock to get the hang of climbing onto your board. You will fall off a lot in the beginning so it is nice to have a quiet place and still water to get the hang of it. Once you are up on your board, you will be amazed at the distance that you can cover while Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Another nice thing about SUP is that you make almost no noise, so you can slip up on wildlife that would normally have heard you long ago and ran for the hills. Many people bring their camera for just that reason but you had better be confident in your balance or the camera had better be water proof.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding in a river ups the ante a bit. Now you start to get a workout because you will have to hold your own against the current at all times. You will also have to be aware of things like rocks, sticks, people and rapids so that you will have time to maneuver safely around them.

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