Alphabet/Google Becoming AI Centric to Secure Foothold & Dominate Digital User Experience

High Tech corporations have invested a lot in technologies that produce large amounts of revenue, and with the increasingly rapid advancements in technology, these corporations must invest even more in order to protect their rich revenue streams. A good example of a corporation reaching further and further into the future is Alphabet, the parent company of Google crypto wallet. Search […]

How Does the Blockchain Innovation Work?

A few months ago I wrote an article on the potential applications for Blockchain Technology, and the main theme of that article was the need for companies who are looking to embrace this emerging technology to do proper due diligence before selecting a provider. In that article, I suggested that companies seeking to implement a single-use wallet would be wise […]

Keeping Track With the Live Stock Market

Are you expecting good returns from the share market? Be it any field, right from seeking a career base to starting a business venture, it is knowledge that matters. The difference in a professional career and stock investment endeavor is that you get a certificate authenticating your years of learning for the former whereas for the latter it depends on […]