Comparing Features of Elderly Home Alarm Systems

Elderly home alarm systems promote safety and peace of mind of those whose loved ones live alone or are often left alone at home. While most systems provide similar alert and communications services, certain features such as direct dialing to a nominated contact list enhance home security but are not always found in some systems.

Pendant systems

Portable transmitting device: These typically have a push-button or pull-down transmitter that users carry around with them as pendants.

Mode of alert: At the push of a button, a radio transmitter inside the pendant device emits a radio signal to a receiving device, usually an electronic base that is connected to the house phone. Using the telephone line, the number to a control center is automatically dialled and personal details of the registered user immediately appear before an operator or control center staff. The operator or dispatcher may decide to send medical assistance or contact specific persons to help the elderly.

Push button direct dialler system

Portable transmitting device: A mobile phone serves as the trigger and calling device at the same time. In one system, pressing the number ‘5’ which is indicated by a raised dot at the center of the mobile unit’s keypad is enough to raise an emergency home alert.

Mode of alert: Unlike pendant alert devices, this medical alert system alternative dials several phone numbers simultaneously with just one push of a button. This 甲一買位 dispenses with the need for the elderly to recall and dial several numbers during an emergency. In critical situations, the user still has the option to make a Triple Zero call.

Advantages of pendant alarm alternatives

Wide coverage: The mobile phone that is configured for this elderly home alarm service is readily connected to the cellular phone network and does not rely on a direct line of sight with a radio receiving device to make automatic phone calls. Your loved ones may be out in the garden or taking a walk in the neighbourhood and will still be able to send an emergency alert.

Quick response time: Unlike pendant systems that usually make automatic calls to a control center or to a single phone number, this alternative system makes simultaneous calls to several people increasing your loved one’s chances of obtaining assistance fast.

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