Debt Settlement Website

Looking for a Debt Settlement Website?

If you’re setting up a debt management business, here are a few tips, tricks, and mistakes to avoid.

First, you will most likely be using your debt settlement website in two ways: to capture leads, but also to build trust with clients who are calling on the phone, or gathering their credit card statements in preparation for setting up a new case file.

These are distinct tasks, to a web designer. In the case of trust, using video to explain how debt settlement works and to help people compare their options to getting out of debt can save you hundreds of hours, and also save some deals. Do you really want a husband trying to explain debt settlement to his wife? Far superior for both parties is having a video on your website explain the process. If the husband tries to explain it, it probably won’t sound as appealing as a video can make it seem.

Besides a video covering the process, every debt settlement website should have a calculator. A good calculator will build value in your service by demonstrating the savings over competing Debt Relief Texas programs such as credit counseling, doing nothing, or debt consolidation loans.

Another key ingredient of a good debt settlement website is an online application. Our traffic studies show a lot more people look at the application than actually fill it out. While this sounds like a bad thing, it actually helps clients feel reassured and in control, because they then know what to expect in the process. When combined with a video, or series of videos, these two factors plus a debt settlement calculator are the primary components in consumers trusting your company to handle their debt. One hot new feature some of the top-performing sites have is a video host that will guide consumers through the application. These are one step above the typical actor or actress who walks on the screen from the corner: the newest technology will allow for greater interaction, simulating a real conversation.

From a search engine optimization perspective, you should know that debt settlement is extremely competitive. Your debt settlement website will need to be extremely optimized around local or specific key-phrases, such as “texas debt settlement” vs. just “debt reduction” for example. The top ranking sites have literally thousands of pages of content with aged domains, thousands of back-links, and other key factors that cause them to show up on top.

More commonly, new businesses use their debt settlement website in conjunction with direct mail. Try using purchased data i.e. consumers 30 days late but who still have good credit (this means they can afford a program, because they usually pay their bills), along with several mailers to the same list, in sequence. Studies show you can hit the same data four times and response will actually increase up through the fourth delivery, for most services. Radio and television are also reliable, and less competitive.

Pay-per-click campaigns are usually unrealistically priced, simply because there are too many new businesses getting started who are willing to lose money because they don’t know how to properly manage a pay-per-click campaign. After losing a few thousand dollars for a tiny amount of extremely expensive leads, they generally move on to mail, radio, or TV.

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