Fun and Exercise With Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is a fun sport that has a number of benefits. Apart from enjoying the view and the activity, you also get a full body work-out that rivals any gym exercise. The arm and feet muscles benefit from the activity and many sports people use paddle boarding as part of their regular exercise routine. Laguna Beach paddle boarding has seen an increase in interested boarders. The benefit of this water sport is that it can be done on any location where there is water. It does not require waves. If you live far from the ocean, you can paddle board on lakes and rivers.

Paddle boarding is easy to learn and the best way for beginners to get started is by learning the basic paddle boarding stroke. When paddling on the right, the right hand should be placed inflatable paddle board lower on the shaft of the paddle, while the left hand should be on the top. It is important to keep the arms straight as you paddle. You should use your torso, rather than the arms, to paddle. This helps to enhance movement as the abdominal muscles are stronger than the arm muscles. The hand at the top – the left hand, should be used to push down the paddle grip.

Beginners should use short strokes, keeping them close to the sides of the board. With time, the boarder can learn how to paddle faster. While learning the sport is relatively easy, the occasional fall is expected during the learning stages. It takes a while to learn how to balance and losing balance in the initial stages is not uncommon. During the fall, it is important to try and move away from the board. Falling on the board can cause injury.

When leaning how to paddle board, there are some common mistakes that people make. The mistakes can take the fun out of the boarding experience. One big mistake is the posture. A hunched poster will hamper the experience and cause discomfort. Keeping the back straight and the shoulders level is important. The other common mistake is looking down, instead of at the horizon; and having the paddle facing in the wrong direction. The bent angle or elbow should face away from you. Remember that it is much easier to balance with bent knees.

After the learning the basics of paddle boarding, you are able to explore everything that the sport has to offer. Those who live near water bodies can use this form of exercise to remain healthy. Those who are experienced explore different moves including ocean surfing and paddling in the waves. They also incorporate different strokes into the paddling. There is no limit to how much fun you can have out there on the water. As you get better, you can invest in a narrower boa

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