Get Ready to Discover Weight Lost Myths That Can Get You in Trouble

There are many myths that are created concerning easy weight loss and several of them concern drinks. One has to have something to drink even when they are on a diet or undertaking any sort of weight loss program.

The first myth that I would like to explore is concerning diet drinks. Most people on a diet usually request a diet drink with their meal as opposed to a regular soda, thinking the diet drink is better for their easy weight loss program. Surprising as it may seem a single can of regular soda contains 135 calories whereas the same size can of diet soda contains less than 10 calories and in most cases zero calories. So in all fairness, I would have to say that the diet soda certainly does have fewer calories but in all essence is nothing more then flavored water with artificial coloring added.

It has been said that it may be less fattening for a person on a diet to drink juice rather than milk. Now let’s think about this statement for a moment. The majority of people are completely taken back by the idea that a single glass of juice would contain more calories than you would find in the same size glass of one percent milk. We could even find that with two percent milk we would only be taking in 10 calories more than the glass of fruit juice. Incidentally the fruit juice calorie content sits at approximately 120 calories. Another thought to keep in mind is that the juice contains a considerable amount of sugar and a few vitamins while the milk on the other hand has more nutrients and valuable ingredients such as calcium, protein, vitamin D and potassium. Therefore the milk wins this argument completely and is a better choice for your easy weight loss diet.

The next myth that we are going to explore is that all bottled waters whether they are sparkling water, flavored water, tonic water or mineral water are all nothing more then water. The fact surrounding this situation is that plain bottled water is naturally water and it has zero calories. However, some of the flavored waters are created with water and some real juice added for flavors. You have to also okinawa flat belly tonic understand that some of the flavored waters are actually flavored with sweeteners and may contain very little juice. As an example, Tonic water has 125 calories for each serving. What this amounts to is that you should carefully read the label attached to the bottle and check the waters ingredient listing carefully to ensure it fits within your easy weight loss guidelines.

The next myth that we are going to investigate is the one which states that drinking wine in place of beer will not create a “beer Belly”. Generally it is a misconception that any sort of wine would contain fewer calories than you would find in beer. This one is simply not even remotely true. Think for a moment that a small 5 ounce glass of wine would contain 130 calories while a 12 ounce bottle of beer has approximately 150 calories. If you were to do the calculations you would readily discover that the wine would actually contain more calories per ounce. Usually you will find that the sweeter the wine the more the sugar content of it is and with increased sugar comes greater calorie counts. In the same respect in relation to hard liquor the higher he proof of the product is the greater the calories amount will be.

We now come to our last and final myth which contends that coffee is the ultimate source of caffeine. For years it has been said that caffeine is not good for your health and in particular your heart. Little do these people who have given up on their coffee drinking to cut back their caffeine content realize that the can of soda in their hands is actually of a greater caffeine level then the coffee. The same can be stated concerning some teas.

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