How to Make Money Following Horses and Betting Them

There are almost as many ways to make money betting on horses as there are ways to lose money. The best ways usually involve patience. If there ever was a key to making money on horse racing it is probably that one human trait, patience. Why does patience work? Because most of the people who are betting on the horse races are trying for easy and instant profits or thrills.

Most horse players, especially the casual horse players, are looking for action. If you are willing to be patient and to use that patience as a tool, then you can be successful. One way to use patience is to watch and follow certain horses you have identified as good horses. These horse may fall into several categories, usually based on age and ability.

Let’s face it, there is no sense in following a horse with no chance of winning or improving. So if you can identify a horse that can improve and therefore win and surprise the crowd, you have a chance to cash a nice ticket and win some good money. One of the best ways to find a horse to follow and make money on is in the maiden ranks. obviously, what you are looking for is a well bred maiden.

Most maidens with superior breeding go off in their first few races at short odds. The crowd expects a lot of them based ganhar dinheiro seguidores pessoas on pedigree, but when they fail, they quickly lose favor and the crowd’s trust. Just because a horse is well bred, it doesn’t mean it will ever win a race, but it is a place to start looking for a good horse to watch and follow.

If you find a well bred maiden who has dropped into the claiming ranks, and it gets claimed by a good trainer, no matter how lousy it looks on paper, it may be a good bet in its next race. Competent trainers watch the maiden ranks and look for horses that have a problem that they think they can correct. They often do just that and the horses pay big when they win. it may take a race or two, but if a good trainer gets a well bred horse in his or her barn and makes it his or her project, it will probably win. The change can be dramatic, so don’t get caught off guard.

The next place to find a horse to follow is in the claiming ranks for older horses. What you are looking for is a horse that has shown the ability to win in the past but who has fallen on hard times. Mediocre or lousy trainers often wind up with these types and are unable to get the win with them. Add these horses to your list and wait until the horse is claimed by a good trainer with a high average with claims. While you may not get good odds on the horse, sometimes they will surprise you because the horse looks so bad on paper.

Find a horse with a low percentage trainer, a horse with some back class and wins. If you are at the track and have the chance to actually see the horse, watch it in the saddling ring and check it out. Make some notes about it and then wait for it to get claimed. It may take a while, but eventually it will get claimed if it has any potential. After the claim, when it races again, look the horse over and see if it looks better. While it will still look bad on paper, you may see a marked improvement in its appearance and bearing. If it looks fit and on the muscle, it may win or at least finish well.

While the above methods I have mentioned may seem old fashioned and slow in this age of computer handicapping, they still work very well and are fun to do, if you have the discipline to be patient.

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