How to REALLY Save on Your Insurance – Confessions of an Insurance Agent

I’ve had it! After 19 years in the business, I’m tired of the lies, the misrepresentations, half-truths and down-right mean people. “Life is too short!” No, I’m not simply talking about the clients and potential clients who have assured me of their “clean driving record” or the “I’ve never had an accident” claims.

The distortions come directly from my industry as well: Credit-scoring has been a fiasco that very few companies will discuss. Insurance companies have been sold a bill of goods by third-party credit agencies, and bought the fish store, hook-link-and sinker. Many situs judi bola resmi companies are more concerned about the bottom line than their clients. Fortunately for all of us, the trend for using credit scoring is slowly eroding – it’s costing the companies a ton of money – and they’re not seeing the profit results they were promised.

So, I’ll make a deal with you. If you’re honest with me…I’ll be honest with you. I’ll share with you the inside-skinny about the insurance companies, agencies, and my industry as well. Okay, perhaps this isn’t a fair deal for me. I mean, I’m here in Indiana and we’ll probably never meet. Just the same, if you agree to be honest with your own agent and insurance company in your state, I’ll consider us even.

So, what does this little tirade have to do with saving money on your insurance? Honesty. Pure and simple. If you can be honest with your agent, he or she will bend over backwards to get you the best deal. Chances are, they’re as tired of the lies as I am. Your honesty will be a refreshing respite in their chaotic day. You will find yourself exactly the type of client they’ve been seeking their entire career. If you can’t be honest with your current agent for whatever reason (family, friend, you don’t trust them, etc.), find another agent. Because, I’ve gotta tell you…if they don’t trust youthey’ll spend their time, money and resources on the clients that they do trust.

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