If You’ve Been Looking for a Job for 10 Months With No Offers, You’re Doing It Wrong

Never heard that one before, right? What you’ve heard is that the economy is in the tank, unemployment is over 9%, and there are no jobs to be found.

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Hello! What do you think the other 91% are doing? They’re working!

And how did they get those jobs? Well, if they got hired within the last 12 months, and they’re being paid decently, the majority of those newly-employed people didn’t do what you’re doing.

They didn’t post their resumes to a gazillion websites, and wait. And wait. And wait situs judi slot promo terbaru.

They didn’t send an email in response to that job opening they saw online along with a trillion other people who can read and hit “send.”

And when somebody asked them what job they were looking for, they sure as heck didn’t say: “I’ll take anything — anything at all.”

Most of the people who have been hired for great jobs during this recession got those jobs the same way every President since Washington has gotten elected, the same way Madonna got cast as Evita, and the same way Tiger Woods became the highest-paid professional athlete in the world.

It’s gotten kings and Miss America contestants their crowns, and got Conan a better time slot.

It’s a one-two punch that’s worked for every World Heavyweight Boxing Champion from John L. Sullivan to Muhammad Ali to David Haye.

One. They saw what someone else was doing and thought, “I’d like to do that, too.”

Two. They went after what they wanted BEFORE there was an opening.

Can you do that? Absolutely.

One. Decide what you’d like to do. See what jobs are out there, that pay well, that have elements you’d actually enjoy. Be specific about what gets you excited. Maybe you’re like Miss Angela — a lady I met in Mobile, who used to be a bartender.

Miss Angela loves talking to people; and when back pain wouldn’t let her tend bar anymore, she worried about how she’d make money and still get to chat with strangers while sitting down. Some friends suggested she start driving a taxi. And a dream job was born.

Maybe you enjoy working with animals, planting trees, matchmaking, researching bargains or doing Zumba. Think of these as transferable skills you can bring to industries that are hiring: health care, human resources, manufacturing, energy and education.

Is there a dream job in one of those industries that’s a match for your interests? What? Can’t find a job posting for a green job where you get to plant trees?

That takes us to Punch Two of the old one-two.

The best way to get a great job is to get it BEFORE there’s a job opening. Talk to the people you’re related to, worship with, played soccer with, worked with, the people who’ve taught you, and the people you’ve taught. Tell them all what you’re interested in, and ask them if they know anybody who actually makes money doing that.

One of those people will know of somebody who does what you want to do and gets paid for it. From cement mixing to glass blowing to making wishes come true, there are people who’ve been hired for those jobs. Find those people. Talk to them. Ask how they got their jobs, and what steps you need to take to get a similar position.

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