Is There an Association Between Nail Fungus and Your Beauty Shop?

Hiding a nail fungus with cover ups can cost you pain

One common cause of nail fungus can be the nail bed is restricted from light and air. The finger and toe need to have exposure to oxygen. Because they are a cell that requires air, restricting air to nails by covering then up or sealing them for long periods will cause a problem referred to as nail fungus.

What a fungus may look like

Typically will take on an unusual look as the fungus ages and grows. This look can start with a light yellowing and or an off white look. In cases were the fungus has matured the, nail Fungus Clear will show a deeper yellow and brownish black appearance.

The fungus will decay the existing nail and cause chapping and thinning, as It starts to weaken against a fungus type of infection. Depending on the severity of the fungus an infection could result from a deep rooted fungus causing pain in the infected area.

Almost 60 percent of fungus problems are found this way. The finger or toe nail will become tender and sore, once the fungus has gotten bad enough and the more painful infection sets in.

Can you avoid this fungus

How the need to cover our nails can contribute to the fungus. People have been painting and covering their finger nails for years. Covering both finger and toe nails has become very accepted and in some social settings almost expected. Unfortunately this can be one of the first places that the problem can start. Moisture under the bed area will also contribute to the start of a nail fungus. In some cases were the is sealed the moisture may become trapped under the nail and will result in a fungus starting to mature or grow.

The Fungus Travels and Spreads in Many Ways

The fungus can be spread in several ways; one of the more common is though the nail shops business itself. Most professional salons will have a system of treating there tools before reusing them. And this should be normal practice in helping to stop the spread of nail fungus.

The technician should also make their client aware of a problem when It is noticed. But in some cases the technician may not have the experience to recognize the fungus in the early stages. So then covering the nail again would only further contribute to the problem.

Treatment for nail fungus

Treating a nail for a fungus can be quite simple if done correctly and the right medication is used. Following the advice of treating the nail and keeping It open and dry are usually the first measure a person should take. However It may be important to considered that if sever pain or infection should become obvious that a doctor should be notified.

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