Learn Any Language Faster

How difficult would it be to solve a problem in algebra if you only knew addition? You guessed it, close to impossible.

Without the necessary skills to perform anything, you’re lost.

Well, guess what? If you’re struggling as a language learner, there’s a good chance you need a certain skill to help you move forward faster and easier.

But I’m not talking about learning another tense or 20 more adjectives. I’m not talking about more discipline or will power. I’m not even talking about having more contact with native speakers.

If you have all the materials you need, and a great desire to learn a foreign language, then there’s something else holding you back.

Do you know what that is?…Your mindset.

Your problem is you don’t think you can do it. Whether you had a bad experience in foreign language class, or a terrible track record as a student, or you believe others who say you’re too old, you are stuck.

You spend money on learning language programs, slave over the books and audios, and then give up. Why? Because deep down you don’t think you can do it.

Your biggest obstacle is “you” and the way you think. The doubts, fears and disappointments play tricks on your mind and you’re unable to fight back.

So, you’re stuck in “No-Learning-Land.” The language program goes in the closet and your hopes go with it. For some people, that means hundreds of dollars down the tubes. It could also mean the end of a dream of communicating with others in another language. Worse still, it could end any hope  Language of desire of getting a particular job or promotion.

Is there a solution? Of course. There are plenty of ways to change a mindset and believe you can learn. In some cases, the reasons for all the “negative thinking” could be very simple and thus, easily corrected.

One reason may be that the foreign language teacher in your high school was a jerk and didn’t care. You got turned off because of the approach, not because of your ability.

Another reason could be that your language teacher was great but you didn’t pay attention. (Gee, how many kids in high school don’t pay attention?) Happens all the time.

Finally, maybe you just weren’t a good student because you never understood “How to Learn.” (Better late than never!).

Your mindset represents the missing link. With it, you can learn anything. Without it, you’re in big trouble.

Learn how to harness that power and your confidence rises, your results soar and your desire for more blows through the roof. It’s the only way to go.

And once it changes, not only will your ability to learn a foreign language improve, but your whole perspective on learning will be positively effected.

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