Migraine Symptoms – The Link Between Low Testosterone and Headaches-Migraines

Recently, in one of my nursing classes, I was given a small revelation and that is there is a relationship between the incidence of migraine headaches and age. Our teacher pointed out that people over the age of 55 rarely experience migraine headaches. He said that this is because the incidence of migraine is related to hormones and hormone change. I was then reminded of my times in the ER. I recalled that in my years in there, I have not seen anyone, male or female, above 55 who complained about experiencing migraines. Then I surmised that hormones and hormone change must really have something to do with 먹튀검증 the occurrence of migraine headaches.

Now I understand why my periodic migraine and that of my husband radically diminished when we both began to use hormone creams that I produce namely, Prosperon for men and Prosperine for women. It now makes perfect sense. What these creams do is increase the male hormone testosterone among men and the female hormone progesterone among women. The creams diminishes the hormone estrogen in both sexes. We started using the creams to balance out hormones and boost our libido. We didn’t have an idea that it would help in reducing our migraines. It was really an unexpected benefit that we were happy to obtain. Our case is a first hand verification of the relationship between migraines and testosterone levels.

Apart from diminishing our migraine headaches, the creams also boosted our energy levels. Dr; John Lee says that the natural progesterone is beneficial for libido, osteoporosis, allergies, brain health and even in toning the skin. One thing is for sure though. We’re happy that out migraines is now a thing of the past.

Let me add that migraines are also reduced when people avoid stress and limit their intake of sugar and processed foods. Migraine can also be triggered by changes in the weather which we have little control of. What we now know though is that we can do something about migraine headaches and one of them is to use an all-natural hormone cream.

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