Mink Eyelash Extensions and Vegan Silk Lashes

mink eyelashes

Are you fed up of applying those terrible fake eyelashes every day? If you want long lasting, natural looking eyelashes you will have to stop the habit. Eyelash extensions are the latest craze, but they are expensive and can be painful. Also, they come off over night making you waste an entire day applying them. This is not a recipe for a beautiful, natural eyesight. If you really want longer eyelashes, there are natural ways that produce strong, healthy looking lashes without the use of artificial ones.

Mink Eyelash Enhancers. You do not have to sit in a beauty salon chair for endless hours or invest all your hard earned money on synthetic mink eyelashes. There are safe and effective natural alternatives to the false eyelashes made out of mink or real mink hair. The only thing you have to do is apply two layers of vegan silk eyelash enhancer, which usually comes in a liquid form, to your thin lashes. Leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off with warm water.

Creme Brule Mink Eyelash Enhancers. This is another safe alternative to the fake mink eyelashes that are so expensive. You will only need to wet your lashes with water and apply this all over your eyelids. Do not worry about curl enhancement, the natural ingredients in this cream are highly beneficial for your lashes.

Mink Eyelash Conditioner. Most people do not realize that mink lashes come from sheep, which makes them less healthy than other kinds of fur. If you are looking for a conditioner to replace the natural moisture and shine from your mink eyelashes, try using Mink Wrinkle Conditioner, which contains natural minerals and oils.

Cruelty-Free Collagen Injection. Since most beauty companies seem to find it impossible to come up with products that do not hurt or cause any allergies, collagen is their latest advancement. However, the natural sources for collagen are hard to obtain, making the use of synthetic collagen even more popular. If you want to avoid having your mink eyelashes filled with artificial collagen, you should definitely try cruelty-free collagen in the form of Mink Wrinkle Conditioner.

Mink Lash Extensions. One of the best ways to lengthen your lashes without resorting to fake ones is to choose among mink eyelashes that are already attached to your own hair. But if you want something more drastic, you can buy synthetic mink eyelashes and attach them on your own. Mink lash extensions are the best option for those who want to wear their mink eyelashes longer.

Magnetic Lashes. Artificial eyelash extensions have become popular lately, but they are not really something practical, as we have already known. The truth is, magnetic eyelash extensions cannot be put in the same category as the mink eyelashes, because they are not composed of natural materials. Magnetic lash extensions, which are also called “floating” or “magnetized” eyelash extensions, are made of synthetic materials and designed to look like natural ones. What makes these extensions more exciting is the fact that they are long-lasting and can give you a dramatic look anytime, day or night.

The Best Lashes For Your Beautiful Eyes. Now, you do not have to settle for the ordinary mink eyelashes when you are tired of using artificial ones, because there are a lot of other amazing selections now. If you are a true beauty and would love to have gorgeous lashes full of color and curl, try a vegan mink eyelash extension or a cruelty-free mink eyelash.

cruelty-free Mink Eyelash Extensions. If you want to look beautiful all day long and sleep like a baby with natural lashes, then the cruelty-free mink eyelash extensions are just right for you. These are made of the cutest and silkiest natural fur you will ever find, and they come in a variety of colors to match your natural shade. You can choose natural shades or choose fiery reds, pinks, and gold tones to match your Halloween costume.

Magnetic Lash Enhancers. Another option, you can choose from if you are fed up of wearing mink lashes made of artificial materials is to try out the magnetic eyelashes. This type of lash enhancer uses natural pigments placed under the eyelashes to make them appear longer and thicker.

Realistic False Lashes. Perhaps you are fed up with fake lashes but still want to have longer-looking eyelashes. Then, you may want to try out the real human hair false lashes made of vegan silk. It looks like human hair and is available in different lengths. These lashes do not cause any irritation on your eyes unlike the false lashes made of other materials. If you opt to buy the human hair false lashes made of vegan silk, then you can be sure that they will last longer than the artificial ones because these are made of 100 percent human hair.

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