Online Degrees – How Do They Compare to University Degrees?

The very obvious difference between online degrees and university degrees is depicted on their mode of learning. That is, online degrees are gained through the use of the World Wide Web while university degrees are basically obtained through physical learning institutions. Besides, there are still many differences between these two modes of education.

Quality of Education

Attending an online degree does not give you the opportunity to physically interact with your instructors every day. You won’t be able to raise questions immediately if you don’t understand a thing on the syllabus. Also, you will be deprived of the opportunity to take part in lab classes, practicum and other hands-on activities to enhance your learning

Flexibility of Time

The improvement in technology has led to the growth of more online colleges. This can be a great venue for working students and busy moms to acquire education while they continuously perform other tasks. Online degree programs give students the opportunity to learn at their own pace. However, if students fail to manage their time, they could fall on the risk of failing the degree program.

Social Interaction

Nothing beats the “college experience”. This is one of the main reasons why students turn to traditional college setting to pursue education over online set-up. It is the relationships and networks they build that make traditional university setting worthwhile.

Cost of Education

The cost of college education has always been skyrocketing. This is why a growing number of students are now resorting to online education. If you pursue a degree online, you will be spared of paying accommodation, public transportation, food, and textbooks. Apparently, online students incur lower educational expenses compared to university students.

Employment Acceptance

While all kinds of degrees are now made available online, some employers (unfortunately) do not consider online degrees as good as university degrees. It could be quite impossible to get employment for a career where a large amount of practical work is required, such as in the field of health care. In fact, there have been complaints made by online graduates saying that some employers do not value their education in the same manner with applicants who matriculated from traditional universities.

While it is clear that online degrees are emerging as popular option for students these days, the acceptance for employment could still depend on the company and the industry that graduates are applying in. Anyhow, both online and university degree programs have their pros and cons so make sure that any program you attend has an excellent reputation so employers will value your hard earned degree.

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