Prevent Spoilage by Dehydrating Your Favorite Dry Foods

Dried foods are those that have been used in cooking for many years. These types of foods have been dried for consumption purposes only and are not suitable for food storage. Dried foods are also referred to as freeze dried foods. Food drying is a simple method of food preservation where food is dried at very low temperatures. Drying helps inhibit the growth of certain organisms, yeasts, and molds through the complete removal of moisture from food.

Soft-dried Papaya with passion fruit flavor HCMC 2020

There are several methods of drying foods. Low heat, electrical or electromagnetic, waterless drying, and air circulation are some of the commonly known methods. All of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, low heat drying foods is the best method for drying foods in large quantities since they are easily available and do not require too much energy in terms of time and money. On the other hand, electronic drying, air circulation, and waterless drying require different equipment and produce different results soft dried papaya.

Electronic dryers are the most common and popular electronic equipment for dry food storage and drying. They come with automatic on/off cycles and some have timer settings as well. They are designed for dry food storage in refrigerators and freezers. This equipment is able to lower the moisture content down to 35 percent, which is still below the moisture level that is needed for bug killing. Electronic drying does not require air circulation because it uses an enclosed heating chamber.

For air circulation, a dehumidifier can be used. It works by circulating air through a house or office using a fan. In a small freezer, you can store three to five dried foods at one time because of the air circulation. If you are interested in saving money, you can place the dried foods in a single tray that will require less space. You can store these in any dark areas of your freezer.

Waterless drying is used when storing dehydrated foods that need to be stored at low moisture content. These include long shelf-life foods like meats and fruits, and even raw grains like oats and rice. Most people are not comfortable eating foods that are still raw, so this is an easy way to extend their shelf-life. Another consideration is using these dehydrated foods in the winter months because they are in essence freeze dried during the colder months. Using them in the summer would result in an extended time for food to absorb the necessary moisture.

Dehydrated fruits and vegetables are considered to be low-acid food products. When they are exposed to air, they begin to break down because of the loss of moisture. Because of this, they begin to spoil. There are methods that will slow down the spoilage, but you will have to spend more time removing the spoiled dried foods from your fridge or freezer. To prevent spoilage in your own home, consider purchasing a good dehydrator and using it frequently.

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