Sniffling and Sneezing? Help For Dog Allergy Sufferers

Being allergic to dogs can be the worst, especially if you have one of your own or you find yourself close to somebody else who does. There are so many reasons that it can be a drag to be allergic to dogs, and you may find yourself suffering even when Fido is nowhere to be found. What should you do in this instance? Before you break up with your girlfriend or move out of your apartment building because you can’t breathe from the dander, look into some of the options for help for dog allergy sufferers like yourself who wish they could do something about their allergy.

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While many people say that some dogs incite allergic reactions in people while others do not, this is not necessarily the truth. What it is that causes the allergic reaction in people is the dander that comes from the dead skin cells off of the scalp or other things of that nature, and not necessarily the dog or the fur of the dog itself 홀짝.

If you have an allergy to dogs, the thing about it that causes the reaction is the immune system. Your body is reacting to the dander as if it were an illness, so it reacts in that way which causes the runny eyes, the sniffles, the sneezes, and just about everything else about dog allergies that makes sufferers run in the other direction when they catch sight of Fido

If you have slight pet allergies and you still want to have your canine companion in the home, there are things that you can do help make life easier. Keep in mind that these things will only work if your allergy is slight–if you have a severe allergy it may be best not to get a dog at all to avoid having to go through the disappointment of giving him or her away in the instance that you just cannot stand the discomfort.

One thing you can do to offset the discomfort of having a dog allergy is to look into a HEPA filter or some other type of air purifier in your home. Also, make sure to keep your dog off of the couch and bed, so that you can reduce the amount of dander in your environment that can irritate your system.

Also, having bare floors rather than carpeted floors is a good way to reduce the amount of discomfort you experience due to dog allergies. Cleaning frequently and dusting just as frequently can help you to feel better as well, reducing the amount of irritants on the surface of things and in the air that you have to deal with.

As you can see, having an allergy to dogs is not the end of the world. There are things that you can do to help you to feel better when it comes to dog allergies, and you may be able to live a normal life even with your best friend in the home. Find out what things work for your when it comes to avoiding an allergic reaction and you may find out that your allergies are not nearly as bad as you though they were.

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