Spot Reduce Belly Fat: Does Spot Reduction Work?

Most people would prefer a few less inches around their waist. Tummy fat is not only aesthetically undesirable, but a large waist is predictive of very serious negative health events like heart attack and diabetes. Spot reducing belly fat is a great concept. Do a specific exercise or activity to spot reduce the amount of fat around your belly. After all we have all seen the before and after shots of the people trying to sell the latest ab roller / cruncher / twister… and they seem so happy with their results.

Exercises to spot reduce belly fat.

Now over the years there have been countless exercise programs and equipment that have claimed to reduce fat. I’m sure you’ve seen some of them on late night infomercials. I’ve heard arguments that working out your abdomen will result in the muscles using fat from around that area (i.e. your tummy). Others claim that a certain diet or supplement will spot reduce the fat from your waist based on a certain enzyme or compound.

Scientific evidence to support spot reduction of belly fat

Unfortunately there is no scientific evidence to support spot reduction of fat in any area. There is no point trying to focus exercises on your tummy, thighs or arms simply for the purpose of reducing fat in undesirable locations. The location of fat loss and storage is dependent on complex Biotox gold  physiological processes dependent on hormones largely controlled by your genetics (which won’t be altered by a certain piece of exercise equipment).

So is spot reduction a scam?

Your body is extremely well designed for survival and storing fat around your abdomen is part of that survival strategy. This is an excellent thing if you were living in times of food shortages and need to protect your vital organs from extreme temperatures or physical blows. However, in modern times food shortages (in developed countries) are not particularly common. While spot reduction is a great concept, and would be very convenient if it worked, it is usually promoted by someone wanting to sell you an overpriced piece of exercise equipment or something along those lines. So in short… yes, spot reduction is a scam.

So how can I really lose belly fat?

Don’t be alarmed, losing belly fat is not only possible, but will be just a taste of the benefits you can experience if you are willing to put in some effort. To be honest your body will burn a lot more fat if you use the larger muscle groups, rather than using one or two exercises that only work out your tummy. You are far better off finding and committing to a sustainable diet and exercise program that will fit into your lifestyle. I know this is not always easy when you are starting out, but it will be worth the effort (that’s for sure). There are now many good quality comprehensive programs you can download from the web.

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