Suffering From Tinnitus Learn the Common Cause of Tinnitus

There are many different issues that can be the cause of tinnitus and trying to determine what is causing a persons tinnitus can be very difficult yet is vital when deciding on what approach to take in treating tinnitus. In most cases, by following a proven tinnitus diagnostic method, the cause of tinnitus will be found. However, in a few cases the cause of tinnitus is never fully determined.

You should understand by now that being able to pinpoint the root cause of tinnitus is necessary in order to provide the correct tinnitus treatment bring positive results. The first step of any good tinnitus treatment should be to determine the type and cause of tinnitus.

What is the Most Common Cause of Tinnitus?

As mentioned above there are many causes of tinnitus but you should be fully aware what the most popular causes of tinnitus are and be able to recognize them. Here, according to the Mayo Clinic, are the 4 most common cause of tinnitus:

Old Age Hearing Loss – It is normal that a person begins to experience some sort of hearing loss after the age of 60. As a person’s hearing begins to diminish the likelihood of tinnitus to develop is  Tinnitus 911 common.

Loud Noise Exposure – This is a growing problem today leading to tinnitus. There are far too many common noises in the world to mention that lead to tinnitus but many new cases of tinnitus are occurring from individual who regularly listen to loud music or conversation with the use of iPods, cell phones, and MP3 players. To make matters worse many people use some sort of headphones while using these devices.

Earwax Blockage – Earwax is an important defense unit that protects a person’s inner ear from dirt and bacteria. However when too much earwax builds up it affects ones hearing and causes eardrum irritation and tinnitus may set in.

Ear Bones Changes – This is when the bones within your inner are begin to stiffen with age. Usually considered to be heredity as abnormal bone growth is common in some families. When this happens tinnitus may develop.

Other Common Cause of Tinnitus

Sometimes the cause of tinnitus comes from not so common factors with includes:

Meniere’s Disease – This is a disorder of the inner ear which is caused by abnormal ear fluid pressure. Meniere’s disease is commonly associated with tinnitus.

Depression or Stress – Tinnitus can be common with those who are consistently depressed or suffer from stress.

TMJ Disorder – Known as temperomandibular joint. This is where the joint on each side of your head and in front of the ears where the lower jawbone meets to form a troubled area, tinnitus may begin to exist.

Head or neck injuries – Such injuries have been known to affect the inner ear as they become a neurological disorder if the nerves are affected. Tinnitus may follow but usually in just one ear.

Acoustic Neuroma – This is a benign tumor which is considered to be non cancerous. It develops on the cranial nerve that runs from the brain to the inner ear controlling balance and hearing. The existences of this tumor usually will only cause’s tinnitus in one ear.

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