Text Messaging – 9 Tips To Use Text Messaging to Communicate With Conference Delegates

When using text messages to communicate with conference delegates, it’s very important to keep in mind that they will stop taking note of your messages if you abuse their trust and send them messages they don’t want, or if you overwhelm them with messages.

The text messaging platform is intended to help you communicate with your participants, not to alienate them. Here are a few tips on how you can use text messaging to communicate with your conference participants:

1. Welcome delegates to the conference – A welcome message from the conference organizers when you arrive in a strange city gives delegates feeling of warmth and welcome.

You can also use that first text message to provide an emergency number should they need help navigating to the conference venue. This is especially useful if many of your conference participants are from out of town.

2. Make main program announcements – Use text messaging to inform conference participants of program changes. This is very helpful when delegates coordinate their conference participation. It’s very frustrating for delegates to make an effort to attend a session, only to learn when they get to the room where the session is held that:

a) The session has been cancelled

b) There has been a last-minute speaker change. The latter one is especially critical in instances where delegates choose to attend a session because of the speaker.

3. Announce fringe program activities– You can use text messaging to send notices of fringe activities taking place alongside the main program.

4. Communicate with the media – You can use text messaging to communicate with the media to inform them of scheduled media briefings, and conferences that may be newsworthy as the conference unfolds.

5. Highlight activities of exhibitors – You can use a text messaging to announce competitions/winners/give-aways/unique presentations by conference exhibitors. This is a value-add for your exhibitors, as it allows them to communicate with conference participants who may not have come to their exhibition stands. Also, advertising messages may also be attached to your text messages, at an additional charge.

There are however some issues you should take into consideration 문자발송if you choose to use this communication channel:

6 . Gain delegate’s consent – Some delegates may not appreciate constant communication with the conference organizers. There are also people who completely despise text messages. Your registration form should therefore include a specific subscription facility for text messages. Each message sent subsequent to registration should also include the option to unsubscribe at any time.

7 . Keep the volume low – Don’t overwhelm conference participants with text messages. If the conference is very big, with a varied multi-track program, you may choose to use text messaging only for critical announcements, such as program changes and media notifications.

8 . Keep to a schedule – You may also choose to bundle your announcements, sending say morning, mid-day and late afternoon communiqués, rather than sending the announcements real-time. This way, you are not in danger of clocgging people’s cellphones with text messages, inconveniencing them. Howecer, if your conference is small, you are better able to be real-time and to be more creative with your messaging.

9. Text messages cost money – Keep in mind that in some countries, users pay to receive messages. This is further motivation to keep the volume low. If possible, you can sponsor the delegates’ costs through advertising revenue by attaching advertising messages to the text messages sent.

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