The Best Formula – Weight Loss Dietary Supplements that Help Lose Weight & Improve Your Health

Simple inexpensive and long term weight loss is possible through good nutrition, weight loss dietary supplements such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids along with lifestyle changes and a healthy attitude to eating. In this article we’ll get you started on your weight loss program and get you healthy at the same time.

Obesity is now a major problem in the U.S., and most western countries. A staggering 50% of children and more than 35% of adults are obese and that means they are in a high risk category for the major diseases such as adult onset diabetes, coronary heart disease and cancer – excellent reasons to lose weight.

Weight loss dietary supplements can help in the weight loss process but more importantly they work to keep your body healthy and reduce the risk of health problems.

To Lose Weight – Don’t Diet!

Over 90% of diets fail – even the good ones. Diets don’t work for a number of reasons:

o They restrict fat intake and leave you feeling hungry – fat has a number of important functions in the body and you are left feeling ‘full’ after eating it. Carbohydrates and low calories on the other hand leave you feeling hungry again after an hour.

o When you restrict calories you also restrict nutrition. If you lack essential nutrients you are more likely to satisfy your needs by going on eating binges, ‘the munchies’. A long term approach focuses on weight loss dietary supplements to meet your nutritional requirements and stop those ‘snack attacks’.

o They are restrictive to your lifestyle.

Weight Loss That Works

Any weight loss program needs to be a long-term lifestyle commitment, supported by nutritional weight loss dietary supplements and an eating plan that will not restrict or compromise your lifestyle too much. Here are the main features:

o Eat larger meals at the beginning of the day and smaller meals in the evening

o Consume plenty of protein, green leafy vegetables and complex carbohydrates such as vegetables and whole grains

o Have high protein snacks between meals – such as chicken and cottage cheese etc. A protein shake with whey or soy is ideal when mixed with your favourite fruit

o Two servings of fresh fruit are ideal as desserts

o Drink plenty of fresh filtered water. Drinking more water will reduce the cravings and allow your liver to function more efficiently; this helps because one of the jobs of the liver is to convert fat into energy

At the same time you need to avoid:

o Caffeine – increases your loss of essential minerals and depletes your blood sugar; when this happens you get the munchies and consume the ‘wrong food’.

o Refined carbohydrates and sugar – (the ‘wrong food’) will be turned into fat very quickly; examples are white bread, white rice, pasta, sugar and sugary foods

o Soft drinks (and carbonated drinks) – high in sugar and raise your risk of osteoporosis, diabetes and a number of other diseases

o Fried food and margarine – the ‘bad fats’ which will increase your risk of a number of diseases

Weight Loss Dietary Supplements

o Start supplementing with weight loss dietary supplements including minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. This will keep you in excellent health, reduce the cravings for sweet or unhealthy snack foods while making sure you have the best nutrition available.

o Other weight loss dietary supplements include a high quality Whey Protein Powder – choose a good brand that contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and is low in Glucofort sugar and carbohydrate.

o Supplements containing chromium can assist with the regulation of blood sugar and will assist with weight loss by improving the conversion of sugar into energy as opposed to fat.

Exercise, Attitude and Throw Away the Scales

Exercise and a healthy attitude are very important for your long term well being and weight control.

Any exercise is beneficial; the main thing is to make it enjoyable. Start out slowly and gradually develop a plan i.e. a training program. It may involve a walk on Monday; swim on Wednesday, golf on Friday and your favorite team sport on Saturday. Regular exercise lowers your risk of diseases, keeps you healthy and focused. The weight loss dietary supplements will help here by giving you more energy and excellent nutrition.

At the same time develop a health attitude – meaning that you should be aware of your program – particularly in the early days – write out your weight loss goals and visualize how you will look. An organized plan as well as persistence will work.

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