The Importance of Websites

How Important is Your Website?
Having a website is just as essential to promoting your firm’s brand as having your business card. With growing numbers of clients searching for lawyers online, Internet marketing is an essential area of client development. A directory listing, such as a Yellow Page ad, isn’t enough anymore. Without additional information, potential clients may not view your firm as a credible source and will move on to your competition.

Tips for Creating a Powerful Website
How can you update your existing website to make it more powerful or create a website that works with you and your other client development efforts? Below are some tips to keep in mind.
1. Provide credible information.
This is the most important aspect of creating a superior website. What kind of information will create credibility without face-to-face interaction? Remember to keep your audience in mind. Why do current clients visit your site? And prospective clients? Usually it’s for one of two reasons:
* They want information about you and your practice – so display your address, contact, attorney background and practice information prominently.
* They found information that compels them to return – so include practice specific articles and information “free of charge” that prove your credibility and knowledge of your practice areas.

2. Keep it updated and relevant.
Information is the most important part of your website and you must be diligent about updating it. Adding practice specific information such as impending law changes or introducing new firm practice areas will help draw people back. Announcing your firm’s case victories or promoting ufabet มือถือ your firm’s environmental and social responsibility programs is other ways to establish instant credibility.

3. Offer a communication tool and follow-up on it quickly.
Communication tools can vary from simply providing a link to your email address to inquiry forms that allow a visitor to enter more detailed information. The key is to follow-up on these inquiries quickly and completely to reinforce your commitment to your clients.

Who is the Right Provider for You? There are many options to consider when looking for a website service. Below are some questions that may help you decide what is important to you.
* Should we choose one provider that offers design and hosting?
* Do we need email services?
* What is our budget?
* Does the service we choose include custom website capabilities, search engine optimization, dynamic content-rich products and web-based attorney-client communication tools within our budget?
* How will we add relevant practice area specific content and update it on a regular basis?
* How easily can we update our website text and what cost is involved?

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