The Women’s Daily Irony Supplement by Judy Gruen

The Women’s Daily Irony Supplement is definitely for those of us who are married, have kids and love to laugh. Gruen describes herself as a humor writer and she does know best.

Judi Poker

I found myself literally laughing out loud while reading about her descriptions on everything from motherhood and marriage to spa treatments and annoying telemarketing situations.

If I were a more successful writer with a name people would recognize, this would be the book I would submit to publishers. Maybe this is the reason I enjoyed it to such a degree-I could see myself in most of the chapters. Except that I have 2 adult children, not 3 teens and I have to have a day job, as so far, no one is able to pay me to write full-time judi depo gopay.

Judy is a cross between Erma Bombeck and Lucy Ricardo. I love the way she turns every day events into a funny situation-from having a brown thumb (except with weeds and rosemary-no wait, the rosemary is me, I can grow the rosemary) to getting roped into being a distributor for some of the planets most useless and expensive moisturizers so as not to say “no” to a friend.

There are chapters devoted to her weaknesses-shopping for unnecessary items of house wares and clothing and chocolate truffles.

Whatever Gruen is writing about she makes you see the funny side of things. She has a essay talking about the family member/friend who every year sends out an extremely overly cheery New Year’s newsletter, she decides to write and send one of her own-albeit far more honest, funny and one we can all relate too. A birthday party to celebrate a friend’s monument us birthday-trouble is, the friend is a low/no-carb dieter. Not to worry, all the women at the party, find a way to enjoy the dishes, regardless of the fact that the honoree refuses to eat anything that might harm her dieting success.

Besides being a hoot to read, Gruen also has some very touching stories about her father and grandfather: My Two Papas and Old Spice Remembered.

Truly a book for just about every woman-The Women’s Daily Irony Supplement will have you wishing there were more to read-after all, laughing out loud raises your endorphin levels, takes away any pain you might have been feeling, gives your face character from the forming “laugh lines” and gives you something to feel good about throughout other parts of your life when you are through reading it.

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