Three of The Best Reasons to Use Customized Imprinted Scratch Pads As Advertising Gifts

Customized imprinted scratch pads are one of the most commonly-purchased promotional stationery products in North America. Businesses have used them for decades as a branding tool because of the many benefits they offer over other types of advertising gifts.

A “scratch pad” is a type of notepad. The term generally refers to small-type notepads or notebooks, small enough to fit in the palm of one hand. The name comes from the idea of quickly “scratching” words or short notes onto the pages. These notebooks are designed to capture short thoughts are to write personal notes about things that need to be remembered.

For this reason, users often keep them in places they are likely to want to jot down reminders to themselves or important information. Many homes have scratch pads near the telephone for taking phone messages, in a desk drawer. People even carry them around with them for note-writing on-the-go.

Besides being extremely useful and handy, business owners have three other great reasons to consider investing their advertising dollars in a customized imprinted scratch pad:

1) They’re small enough to fit inside a pocket or purse. As already noted, scratch pads fit in the palm of a hand, making them convenient for carrying around. Receivers will most 廣告筆 certainly stash yours in a pocket, purse or desk drawer for quick referral. Every time a receiver uses yours, it’s one more chance for your business’ name to be viewed and remembered.

2) They ship conveniently and economically. Another benefit to being so small is that of shipping cost. They cost considerably less to ship than bulkier, heavier advertising gifts. In fact, they may cost between 30 and 50 percent less to ship per unit than larger items.

This can be helpful particularly for the small business owner who tends to have a tight, limited advertising budget. The less you have to spend on shipping, the more you can spend on the product itself. After all, it’s the product (and your name) that your customers will remember later on, not how much you paid for shipping.

3) They’re cost-effective. We’ve already noted how much cheaper it is to have an order of imprinted scratch pads shipped than, say, a shipment of mugs. This is part of what makes them so cost effective.

The other big factor that plays into the “cost-effectiveness” of a promo item is how frequently it’s used/viewed by a receiver or those around him/her. This can be difficult to pin a number on, since it’s impossible to predict just how big an impact a specific item will have on an individual receiver.

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