Time to Shrink That Hiney and Get in Shape For Spring? Try a Schwinn Recumbent Bike!

Let’s talk about Schwinn Recumbent Bikes! Are you looking for a bike that burns those fat calories where you most need it – in the hiney, the thighs and your middle abdominals?You know you need to do something quickly! Let me tell you about the Schwinn® 240 recumbent bikes. These bikes deliver a challenging workout in a relaxed position, and have dual-position lumbar support. These bikes features BioFit™ comfort with a padded ergonomic seat (if you ride too long without one, you will remember this) and an adjustable console. It also offers BioDyne™ performance which is a perimeter-weighted flywheel that makes you feel like you have a true road experience. When you are not bored and feel like you are moving along, your workouts will be more consistent which means you’ll certainly get in shape faster.

If you have a bike in your home and use it regularly (put it in front of your favorite TV show and get to peddling), you can save money on monthly gym fees and get in shape Biofit at the same time. This truly is a comfortable Schwinn 240 recumbent exercise bike. The Schwinn recumbent bike is a compact design that would fit well wherever you wish to place it to workout and feels more like a traditional outdoor bike. Its features will not only make you feeling like you’re flying down the road (except in this case if the weather is bad you have no worries) while relying on your core, stabilizing muscles to balance your body weight and get the most out of your workout.

This recumbent stationery bike weighs about three hundred pounds, has 17 different workouts to choose from and a backlit, multi-color console for your easy viewing Schwinn Advantage workout tracking. If you track your distance, your intensity and the time you work out it is an easy way to set fitness goals and measure your progress right on the console.It also has transport wheels, a reading rack, a water bottle holder and a magazine storage rack under its seat. You can switch the console from miles to kilometers, grip the heart rate system to see how your heart is doing and be happy know this baby comes with a five year warranty on its frame, and one year on its parts and electronics. What more could you ask for? Climb onto the seat and ride, baby, ride! Isn’t it time you got in the best shape of your life?

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