Tips to Living a Life of Bliss, Peace and Contentment – Finding Inner Peace

How amazing you are! It is the choices you make that determine your bliss, joy, peace and even contribute to your being aware of how connected you are to your Higher Power, whoever and whatever that may be. This is real Power! And you were born with the intuitive wisdom to do whatever is necessary to find your bliss and inner peace.

Though you were born feeling and knowing this bliss, life being what it is, this knowing is something you tend to forget. It becomes part of your life’s journey to realize – or remember – that you are entitled to live in bliss – and that it is all an inside job! There is nothing outside of you that determines whether you are happy or peaceful. It must come from within 송파스웨디시.

What is bliss, after all? Personally, being in bliss is my awareness of overwhelming peace, joy and well being, as though I am connected to All That Is. It is not unlike what athletes call “being in the zone,” or making love, or successful meditation, or simply being still. Bliss can be the feeling you may experience when you are in the park on a beautiful fall day, on the beach listening to the soothing sounds of the waves, or listening to your favorite music while on a drive in your car or even seated in your special chair at home.

Remember the moment you held your newborn or your first puppy or kitten and how you felt? That is bliss! You were totally in the present moment, enjoying the experience you were having. Perhaps you can recall the first time you traveled somewhere that you had longed dreamed about? Or remember that moment you experienced winning a competition for which you had long been preparing? That, too, is bliss.

Of course, when things are going well, it is easier to feel bliss. But, when your outside world feels as though it is falling apart, such as dealing with the impact of the recent financial crises, the loss of a loved one or receiving upsetting news about someone or something about which you deeply care, you can and you must, eventually, find your sense of bliss, peace and well-being by connecting you with the core of your being.

You really do have the power to create your bliss via the choices you make and the image, person or thought on which you choose to focus. We have extensive research to validate that when you focus on your fears, worries, tragedies, anticipated problems and losses, you create an inner state of suffering. Yes, suffering. And, when you choose to focus on what feels good, you feel good!

Please, do not misunderstand. Life is what it is. There are going to be curve balls; there will be events and occurrences which result in pain and suffering. But, there needs to be balance. In time, you need to re-create a dominance of feelings of well-being and bliss. This comes by the choice you make about your mental images and thoughts. Choose carefully!

So, how do you arrive at such a blissful state? To find your own connection to your Higher Power or Source – or to be in your personal zone, you might try one or more of the suggestions that follow, noting which ones best work for you. If you think they are really simple, you are right; they are. They work because they enable you to shift energetically, which impacts your physiology, contributing to the release of the chemicals that enhance your entire body, mind and spirit.

Bliss and finding your inner peace comes when we are fully aware of our being connected to, valued and loved by another. Reach out to someone, perhaps a family member, old friend or neighbor with whom you have not spoken in some time. Call and make arrangements to get together, and then go and be with one another; feel the pleasure of the connection. Fill your heart with caring and love for this individual. Truly be present, whether on the phone or in person. Truly be in the moment, listening with your heart and speaking from your heart.

These connections are, if nothing less, amazingly precious, and can be highly spiritual. And, they are even more so when you make it your intent to merge at the soul level; that is, to recognize that both of you are more than physical beings. Rather, you are souls yearning to reconnect, with no regard for appearance, status or role. Such soul to soul connections are among the highest of vibrational experiences, often leaving you feeling as though you are on a natural high or in pure bliss.

You may connect by taking time to be and play with your pet, be it your bird, cat, dog or any other pet. While petting, holding, talking to, walking with or playing with your pet, notice your feelings and your pet’s response to you, as well. Just being aware of and feeling your pet’s love for you, causes bliss. If you are truly in the moment, you may be feeling a sense of peace and gratitude for having your pet with whom to share your life, or, you may be experiencing deep love and affection for him or her. Just the act of petting your dog or cat releases endorphins, chemicals that help you to feel better.

Consider finding a way to personally experience some aspect of nature, be it taking time for a bike ride, going for a walk or run outdoors, going fishing, or going to your favorite restaurant which has a view of a river or lake. For example, recently my husband and I had the most wonderful time in our local park. While there, we saw individuals, couples and families canoeing, picnicking, bike riding, flying kites, skateboarding, walking with their dogs, or simply sprawled out on the grass enjoying the magnificent view of the lake – you get the picture.

The day was magnificent and we felt we were in heaven, so totally recognizing the gift of being fully in the present, the Now and the Moment. I shall never forget those few hours. When I am struggling to feel less stressed, I just bring up images of our time there and I feel better. In fact, I snapped some photos and one is now my desktop photo, serving as a vibrational reminder of being in this personal zone.

Nature is considered to be God’s territory. It is where we feel an awareness of Truth and a sense of closeness to that field of energy which created All That Is. Perhaps we affectionately call nature “Mother Nature” because we intuitively experience a sense of being embraced by this nurturing, maternal force, as well as an awareness of a feminine parental power which is far greater and wiser than we are. Clearly, there is an intuitive knowing on our part that directs us toward aspects of nature so that we can, if we wish, feel as though we are merging with this powerful, creative energy that lovingly allows us to feel the joy we call bliss.

“To laugh often, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children…to leave the world a better place…to know one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bliss can also be created by choosing to expose yourself to healing vibrational experiences: translation, your favorite music. Research has shown that when we listen to music of our choice, we release more endorphins and experience greater clarity, less confusion and increased well-being. Beside being soothing to our cells, vibrationally, the music forces us to be in the moment, distracting us from focusing on what would cause us further suffering. The result: bliss!

Be sure to consider other types of vibrational sounds on which you can focus. Bliss can be the result of listening to comedy that causes you to laugh heartily. Norman Cousins was one of the first to write about the power of laughter to ease pain and expedite healing, leading to bliss.

Bliss can be evoked even through journaling which uses the powerful tools of imagery and visualization. Make it a practice to write ten to fifteen minutes or more daily and allow yourself to write about something you intend to create, be it your dream job, spouse, family, home or your world. Being fully in the Now as you write, use all your senses to imagine what you want in the future as actually occurring in the Moment. Feel the joy of this and the vibration of this will move through every cell of your being, filling you with pure bliss! And, what is lovely, is that this process enables you to manifest your dreams.

Bliss comes when you give yourself permission to do something you enjoy and about which you are passionate, but which you do not do often, if ever! Taking time to go to a concert, meeting a friend for coffee, driving to the mountains or to the beach to visit friends, shopping, taking a course, learning to play an instrument, taking a luxurious hot bath or getting a massage are some examples.

One of the most assured ways of experiencing bliss is knowing you are making a difference in the life of another. Choosing to be of service by volunteering your time, effort and energy results in the release of endorphins, making you feel gratified and valued. Consider learning a healing modality, such as Reiki, and using this not only on yourself, but on your pets, as well as family members. You may wish to receive certification in a healing modality and choose to use this as a way you can help others to heal.

Finally, bliss is often the described state of taking time daily or whenever possible to experience going deep within you, into the stillness of your soul. You can do this by learning to focus on your breath, praying, meditating, doing yoga, Qi Gong and/or Tai Chi, Engaging in any one of these activities enables you to connect with your intuitive wisdom, which, in turn, connects you with your Higher Power and the recognition that you are a being of Love, worthy of being loved.

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