Types of Beliefs About Psychic Science

Psychic science is based on the belief that psychic phenomena are linked to some inherent laws of nature. These laws govern the behavior of both living and non-living things on this planet. This article will present some of the more popular beliefs regarding psychic science. These beliefs center around astrology, crystals, spiritualism, and karma. It should be noted that psychic phenomena are not firmly defined as of yet.


Psychic phenomena are thought to be influenced by quantum physics. Some of the most observed facts of psychic science include the evidence of hidden communication through telepathy, telekinesis, and paranormal visions. Telepathy is the transmission of messages and thoughts by a living or non-living thing to another being, where they can be received and interpreted through physical means. Telepathic communication can be observed in various forms of mediumship including clairvoyance, psychometry, and remote viewing. Psychometry is the ability to observe subtle hints of truth from objects that have passed through the mind of a person bieu do ngay sinh.

Karma is the belief that what was done in the past remains in the future. Karma comes from the concept of infinite intelligence at work in the universe. The universe is governed by natural laws that dictate what happens today will happen tomorrow. According to the teachings of spiritualism, the mind is believed to be able to influence events in the present through the actions taken in the past. Karmic bonds are believed to exist between present situations and the choices one has made while a person was a living being.

Several religions support psychic science. Among the most popular are the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church. Eastern religious philosophies view psychic powers as a part of an individual’s spiritual development. A number of Eastern religious organizations such as the Chruidry, or “The Craftsmen”, believe in the power of intuition and psychic abilities. They claim to channel the energies of the universe for the benefit of humanity. There is also skepticism among these Eastern groups about the real nature of psychic abilities.

Spiritualism is the belief that psychic abilities are a gift from God. People with psychic abilities often hold a strong sense of spirituality and often attribute their ability to God. Many other religions also believe in the importance of psychic abilities. Although skepticism is prevalent among these groups, there are some who do not. Religions that do not believe in psychic abilities often do not encourage meditation, which is an important component of psychic abilities.

Some psychics claim to receive telepathic communications from God. This is called clairvoyance and is based on the ability to see pictures and receive messages from the spirit world. The majority of followers of psychics do not believe in this practice because they say that only God can give messages. There are also those who believe in the reality of psychic abilities and consider it to be possible to contact the dead. Psychic experiences that include communication with deceased people are commonly referred to as “psychic dead-matches.” There are also those who do not believe in psychic abilities but have developed a personal relationship with psychic abilities.

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