Types Of Plastic Container

Plastic container has become the leading container material across all industries and in every facet of life. From home to office, from food service to medicine, from sports to hobby, plastic is everywhere. There is a wide range of uses for plastic containers: from disposable paper cups and plates, to reusable polypropylene containers for holding fruits and vegetables, to heavy-duty industrial plastic used in the production of refrigeration units. Plastic container manufacturers offer a variety of plastic containers and holders at attractive wholesale prices. We carry premium quality plastic containers and holders manufactured by top plastic container brands like Surety Ring, Absco, Hetty Pouches, Juglion, Black Phoenix, etc. Plastic is also used in the printing process – from pens and pencils to large format signs.

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Materials Used From simple plastic bags to heavy duty clear plastic polypropylene, there are a variety of plastic materials used widely in the making of plastic containers and holders. These include polyethylene, polypropylene, Nylon, PET, glass, aluminum, stainless steel, thermoplastic, and other high tech. All these materials are available in different sizes and colors. Different types of plastics are used according to usage-for example, PET plastic, glass containers, plastic plates, water bottles, plastic bags, etc. Glass containers, glass bottles and plastic plates are good choices for storing food thung nhua dung nuoc 1000l.

Disposable Containers like plastic milk jugs, water bottles are reusable and easy to use. They are safe to use for food storage and easy to maintain and clean. You can use these containers to store your groceries or house items and you will be able to use the same containers again without any problem.

Resealable Reelable containers to ensure freshness for a long time and they are ideal for storing food products. Reel plastic is more convenient and easier to use than the other plastics. They are very popular because they do not allow moisture or air to enter inside them, thus preventing spoiling. However, these containers are more expensive than reusable containers. PET is the most commonly used plastic in this category.

Tumbler This type of container is suitable for hot, cold, or frozen food. It keeps the food hot or cold for a longer time. It is made of plastic, glass, ceramic, wood or metal. The price of tumbler is more affordable compared to other types of containers. This container has an advantage of locking to keep the food hot or cold for a long period of time. You can also put a lid on it becomes a reusable container.

Portable – You can use these plastic containers for various purposes whether at home or office. It has a very simple design with small capacity. These plastic containers come in different colors, designs, sizes, shapes, etc. Thus, you can choose one according to your taste. It is easy to maintain these plastic containers. For cleaning, just wipe it with a piece of cloth and store it in the refrigerator or wash it with soapy solution to remove the food residue or dust.

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