Ways in Which Erotica Can Improve Your Sex Life

First, lets talk about emotional stimulation. It is said that while most men are visually stimulated, most women are emotionally stimulated. So, you read the story, get caught up in the plot, get emotionally attached to the characters and then, you slide into the sex scene! By the time you get to the sex in a well-written erotic novel your emotions are already primed, therefore you get the tightening in your stomach and, well you know! If you are one of those people short on time, many erotic websites sell shorts erotic ebooks as well as novels. You have to love the technology, when you can on the spur-of-the-moment just click and download exactly what you want to read.

Second, reading erotic fiction can be like getting a mini sex manual for free. I have to admit to learning quite a few things from erotic stories myself literotica. A reader never knows what she will encounter within a well-crafted sex scene. Maybe it is only a new move, maybe it is challenging new position, maybe the sex occurs at a location you never thought of, or just maybe you get new directions for using your old toy. Then, of course maybe you learn about a whole new experience. Erotic authors are creative people. You just never know where their imaginations will take them, and therefore what you may learn from it.

While we are on the learning thing, let’s talk about learning to loosen up in order to venture into new territory. When you are browsing through the titles and blurbs is there a type of sexual experience that seems to catch your wondering mind more than the others? So, buy that story! Research, I like to call it, when I buy another book. If the thought of some sexual encounters brings out the nagging, ‘it’s wrong,’ little guy in white on one shoulder, go with the guy on the other shoulder (the one in the red) that is saying ‘yeah, I want to know how they do that. Reading it does not mean you have to do it, but for some the more they read about it the more common and comfortable it will become.

Last, but not least, partners can role-play out a scene from the story or, get a novel and role-play a chapter each night! Take the time to read the story out loud with your partner. Then, just do what the characters did feeling free to embellish away. You can really get creative with this. Plus, role-playing is another great way to venture into that new venture. While you may be uptight about being spanked, the character you are playing may not be.

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