WoW Hunter Macros – Helping You Become A Better Hunter

Playing a Hunter is quite difficult in the game. You have to focus on a lot of things when in a fight and also use a lot of abilities while keeping yourself mobile at all times. That’s a lot of things to do considering that a fight usually lasts around 30 seconds. That’s why it is very important to use WoW Hunter macros.

In addition to the multitude of skills and spells a Hunter has, he also has a pet. That pet has its own commands and skills that need to be used to really have an edge in a fight.

So a fight against a melee player would look like this for a Hunter. The Hunter would have to start dealing damage and send the pet in. He would also have to keep moving to avoid getting hit by his opponent. When the enemy gets in close, he would then have to use abilities like Disengage and Freezing Trap to get away from him.

This is the most basic of scenarios and the Hunter would still have to press a lot of buttons. A lesser player would never be able to do this. But fortunately for him, there are macros for that.

In fact, not using WoW Hunter macros would be a very big mistake. Here is an example to prove my point:

/cast Hunter’s Mark
/cast Auto Shot

This macro will mark your target, begin Auto Shot ability and send your pet at the same time. Wouldn’t it, that would 안전토토사이트 mean pressing three buttons that will probably be in different corners of your keyboard.

Imagine how much faster it is and also how much more comfortable it is to have such a macro in PvE or PvP. You just target and use the macro and you are free to do something else.

Having the best gear on you means nothing if you can’t optimize the way you use your time in combat. In order to fight a specific enemy, you will see that you need only a few abilities. Using macros for those will make things a lot faster, as you will only have around four or five macros to use and you will be more effective than by pressing each button separately.

This is why I say that using WoW Hunter macros will help anyone become a better player and a better Hunter. And the best part is that you won’t have to look for macros online.

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